Is it time that you moved your business online?

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Is it time that you moved your business online?

Covid is having a pretty negative effect on independent businesses with us seeing the unfortunate closure of lots of high street shops. Even with shops reopening people are still wary and have got into a routine of searching online more and more for everything they want and need. Online sales have seen a surge and this could be the way things will continue.

Making the decision to moving your business online is a big one, but potentially an essential one in these uncertain times and could save your company from closure. There are a few things you’ll need to do to get started on your journey to moving online! And we have outlined some points below to help you out.



What to sell?


Are you going to continue to offer what you currently sell? Perhaps expand your product range? Or compact your range? It is worth using this time as an opportunity to take a new look at your business. Can you offer more or do you currently offer products or services that don’t get a lot of interest?


Choose a domain name



First things first is to ensure that there is a domain available for the name of your site that you have picked. Deciding on a domain name and finding one available will be one of your first actions when starting to make the move to selling online.



What kind of site do you want?


What functionality do you want your site to have? Do you want to be able to sell directly from the your online site? Simply supply information or request enquiries? This decision will in turn help you to decide on which platform you choose to run and build your website on.




What do you want your site to look like?


It is a good idea to start pulling together a collection of websites that catch your eye so can start to decide on what you want your site to look like. This will help to give you an idea of what you want it to look like and will then enable your designers and developers to create a mock up based on your tastes.



Enlist the help of professionals to assist you on your journey


Get in touch with developers and designers and start to request some quotes, research their work to decide if you like their style. They will then be able to help you to build your site and to achieve the functionality you want, bringing your ideas to life. Whether you are looking for a simple startup site or a larger, more functional eCommerce site then choose the right people to help you on your journey and achieve your vision!


If you are considering making the move then why not get in touch!