Why a template site is the right choice for you!

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Why a template site is the right choice for you!

If you need a new site or if you’re simply deciding to make the big decision to move your business online then choosing a template site is a great option. Ideal for sole traders, bloggers, smaller businesses and business startups that want to get things moving quickly and without a massive investment.


If you’re still not convinced then we have outlined some of the main reasons why choosing a template site is the right choice.

You are pushed for time

Getting a new site up and running can take several months, and they more bespoke the site, the longer it will take. A template site has already had the majority of coding completed, and the design is a straightforward process. Uploading content, adapting the template and ensuring the site meets all your needs is a much quicker process than building a new bespoke site from scratch.

You have a tight budget

Template sites are a much more cost effective option than building a new bespoke site from scratch. They are quicker and easier to produce meaning the man hours involved are reduced dramatically, making it a much more purse friendly option.

You want your website to be simple, user friendly and minimal

If you don’t need a ton of extensive functionality, complicated code and added integrations to your site, then a template site is the right choice for you. Keeping things clean cut and straightforward.

With any new site build you need to have a clear idea of what you want from the site in the beginning. Trying to add additional functionality halfway through a build can not only be complicated but also costly and with a template site, quite often not an option. 

So be sure to research exactly what you want and need prior to compiling a brief for your new site and be sure that you have covered all bases. That way there will be no nasty surprises or disappointments. 

Make sure your template site has the functionality you want it to.

Ensure it is mobile friendly – there are still some sites out there that are not, and with the majority of the population looking on their mobiles this is vital.

Do you want eCommerce? Then double check that the relevant add on can be used with your template site so that you can get the functionality you want.

What design options do you want within your template? Check that it has everything you need to meet your needs.

If you’re thinking about a new site and are leaning towards the template route then why not get in touch and we can provide you with a quote?